October 2019

Dear Parents of Kiwi

In order to keep the enthusiasm with our reading going I have signed up with the HELL Pizza read 7 nights and get a free pizza.  I have changed the format from 7 books as there are a lot of children in my class that read more than one book each night and so the promotion for them would be over in 1 week.  

The children will be bringing home a pizza shaped card with their name on it.  PLEASE CAN YOU DATE AND SIGN EACH CIRCLE FOR JUST 1 NIGHT. Your child needs to bring their book bag every day with their card.  They need to hand in their card every morning. When they bring their card to me I will click it, date and sign it (for 1 night).  If they forget their book bag with their card they WILL NOT get a click for that night. There will be NO backdating of nights. After 7 nights of reading (signed off by myself) your child can take in their card to HELLS Pizza and get a free pizza.  

Any questions please feel free to email me [email protected]


Nga mihi


Lisa Graham