Kia ora Whanau,

In Toroa class the students will be receiving an informative talk around the changes that take place during puberty.

This includes  Changes To Your Body, Menstruation and Social & Emotional Changes – all as part of understanding puberty and the changing teenage body.

As part of this lesson plan, we like parents to be actively involved by also communicating with their child about the changes that occur with puberty and adolescence.

If you are happy with your child attending this lesson, please fill out the attached permission slip.

If your child is in the Year 4/5 classroom with Mrs Waters and Mrs Pool, we are extending this invitation especially if you think your child is beginning to go through puberty.

If you have any questions or areas you would like to see covered, please contact me on [email protected] or pop into school.


Alana Mason (Year 6 teacher).

Puberty Talk