Information regarding Chicks for Show Day:

We are ready to take orders for chicks in preparation for Show Day.  Please find an order form attached.

Each child can have 2 chicks (in case one dies) the cost of this will be $5 per pair. Please note: there ARE  limited numbers of chicks so please get your orders in quick – first in first served.

A CHICKEN DIARY will need to be filled out and presented on Show Day. These will come with your chicken when you pick them up.

Pick up of chicks will be TUESDAY 20th AUGUST from school at 2.50pm. (Another reminder will be sent closer to collection day)


PS. If your chickens are not wanted after show day, please consider that we DO have people who will rehome them for you. That way you can still join in the chick rearing and participate in Show Day. Feel free to contact Mrs Pringle in Kea class to help with rehoming if required.

Show Day 2019 : Chicks
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