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WOMAD Performance (Year 6)

I have attached a permission slip for families to fill out, regarding the WOMAD performance. This will be a novel experience for our Tamariki and will give them a taste of the lime light in front of such a large audience. It is paramount that this slip is filled out in order for our children to gain back stage passes. If you know of families who are not active on school stream or have poor wifi, please fill them in on this information OR encourage them to pop in for a chat. I would love for the whole class to be involved in this amazing experience. On the 30th February I will be sending through final numbers to Todd Energy our sponsors.

When: 4pm, 15th March 2019

Where: Bowl of Brooklands (New Plymouth). We will all meet at the Dell Stage.

What: The performance will only last 2-4 minutes but the children will be required from 4pm- 5:45pm. All supervising adults will receive a free pass for Friday and Sunday shows. Children can dress up in fancy, bold and brilliant colours.

Thanks again,

Alana Mason